Guerrilla marketing is a form of marketing which relies on the use of innovative. Different cities, localities, states, and private businesses have their own rule sets. Many creative marketing endeavors push lines and limits.

The most important benefits of guerrilla marketing is that a good campaign can become a talking point in its own right. Many of the best guerrilla marketing campaigns are successful specifically because they use unusual channels. As many guerrilla campaigns stray into areas in which individuals would not normally expect to be sold to, it is vital that the product or service in question is good enough to live up to the campaign. Guerrilla marketing has applications for businesses of every size. Successful guerrilla marketing pleasantly disrupts a customer’s day, providing a welcome change of pace. This can involve a coordinated dance performance in a train station or something as simple as providing free food samples to commuters.

A guerrilla campaign without a great product or service to back it up will quickly be seen as an intrusion, and that talking point can turn sour. There are no set parameters for guerrilla marketing; indeed, the idea is to think as creatively as possible, and to come up with campaigns that work for your business. Guerrilla marketing allows you to grab customers’ attention directly, meeting them on the street or at related events.

Style of marketing is very well suited to small businesses and companies with limited advertising budgets, although major corporations around the world have also been involved in guerrilla marketing campaigns, some of which have been very successful. Guerrilla marketing is a low-cost way to increase word of mouth reach.